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Safe and effective removal of tattoos and Sun spot/ Dark spot

  • 1 h
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  • Atlantic Avenue

Service Description

Wanting to lose your tattoo? Do it better with groundbreaking innovation PicoSure Laser Creating an intense photothermal impact in trillionths of a second, PicoSure’s advanced technology spares the skin high thermal damage and targets the chromophore for better clearance in fewer treatments. - Optimally targets melanin to treat a range of pigmentary conditions. - Incurs minimal thermal damage due to picosecond pulse duration - Customizable treatments with 2-6mm, 8mm, and 10mm spot sizes - Proven clinical validation, with 26 publications and 59 abstracts to date - PicoSure makes tattoo removal even easier. The 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks, while the optional 532nm wavelength offers effective treatment of “sunset colors”—red, yellow and orange—which are typically hard to correct. You’ll also be able to: - Tailor treatments using variable spot sizes - Use boost mode to better treat recalcitrant tattoos with shortened pulse width - Treat black ink in darker skin type patients using the 1064nm delivery. PicoSure laser can also be used for treating the below - Sun spot/ dark spot removal - Acne scar removal - Facial rejuvenation/ revitalization

Contact Details

  • 3760 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807, USA

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